jon river

Instrumental rock artist Jon River is hoping to reach listeners through his skillful guitar tracks. His EP, “Learning to Fly,” will take listeners into the clouds. Learning to Fly is a 6-track EP full of Jon’s talented singing with the lead guitar by Declan Jenkins. Listeners will also hear Jon’s talent in writing song lyrics that touch the soul. It is Rock music with its roots in the 70s & ’80s with a modern production sound. The EP was recorded at the Music Building in NYC in conjunction with 2 New York-based musician/producers, Liam & Declan Jenkins Jon River was born In Fall River, Massachusetts. He took up playing guitar at the age of 13, which was when his love for writing music was born. Throughout the past 15 years, he has performed lead, backing vocals, and guitar For local bands in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. He began working with Somedays Studios in 2019. To listen to more of his music, or to contact Jon River for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can reach out via